Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscar Time

Oscar statuette in bronze. This is an early form of the statue before it is dipped in gold.
(Photo by Tom Hyland)

A few thoughts on this year’s Academy Awards:

How I long for the period from the mid-1970s to the late 1990s, when Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams were nominated almost every year for Best Original Score. How uninspiring this category has become. I’m picking Michael Giacchino for his score for Up not so much that it’s a great score, but for the fact that he was passed over for his charming score for Ratatouille a few years back.

Speaking of music, I read that Ryan Bingham and T. Bone Burnett, composers of the song, “The Weary Kind” for the movie Crazy Heart, were not invited to the Oscar ceremonies and were told not to bother showing up. I guess we can eliminate that song. This is another category that has lost some of its luster. Remember when many of the winning songs as well as the nominated ones that didn’t win were gorgeous compositions that were perfomed by major recording artists? That was in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Recently, in an apparent effort to seem more relevant and hip, the Acadmey has chosen some pretty obscure selections. That said, I predict that Randy Newman will win his second Oscar for one of his songs from The Prince and the Frog (sorry I can’t be more specific on which one).

It doesn’t take a genius to predict Jeff Bridges will win, but how nice for an actor who is a natural on screen. I’ll consider this a lifetime achievement award for him.

And finally, in the category everyone will be watching – Best Short Film (Animated), the winner will be French Roast. Don’t ask me why.


  1. Why are Oscar statues in gold? If you're winning an Oscar, it's not like your strapped for cash. Go ask Nicholas Cage!

    Oh, see, I don't feel good about that.

    Go French Roast!

  2. Good old Nic Cage - another zinger aimed his way!

    Personally, I like the bronze look.