Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Covering the Chicago International Film Festival

The 47th Chicago International Film Festival opens this Thursday, October 6 and runs through Oct. 20. I've got a media pass and will begin to see my first films of the festival at special media screenings starting on the 5th. 

 There are a number of films I'm looking forward to seeing, most notably A Dangerous Method from David Cronenberg, Into The Abyss from Werner Herzog and The Last Rites of Joe May, shot in Chicago and starring Chicago native Dennis Farina and directed by Joe Maggio.

I'm hearing some great things about several movies at the festival representing many countries around the globe. These include Miss Bala from Mexico, Kid With a Bike (Belgium) and Sleeping Beauty (Australia) to name only three.

There will be a number of filmmakers present during the festival and I'll do my best to interview a director or two. I'm really looking forward to the event with Haskell Wexler, one of the greatest cinematographers to ever work in Hollywood - he won two Academy Awards - and also an influential director, best known for Medium Cool (1968).

I'll get my first post up in a day or two and will update this blog quite often during the next two weeks, as I watch the newest releases from some of the world's finest filmmakers.


  1. Sounds like a cool festival. Looking forward to the updates. Herzog's an amazing filmmaker. "Grizzly Man" is one of my favorite films.

  2. Maurice:

    Thanks for the comment. I never did get around to seeing "Grizzly Man", but have heard nothing but great things.

    Saw "Miss Bala" and "Sleeping Beauty" as press screeings today. Two haunting films - notes on these soon.