Friday, December 21, 2012

Actors on their Craft

"Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an adult." - Laurence Olivier

"Films were never in my budget. Didn't occur to me until much later. I hoped for a long, good life, which I've had and I'm having as an actor. I didn't expect the rest." - Peter O'Toole

"At least when you're acting, you can be someone. In front of the camera, you have to be yourself. And who am I?" - Stephen Rea

"I was trained to be an actor, not a star. I was trained to play roles, not deal with fame and agents and lawyers and the press." - Gene Hackman

"I decided to become an actor because I was failing in school and I needed the credits." - Dustin Hoffman

"Actors have bodyguards and entourages not because anybody wants to hurt them - who would want to hurt an actor? - but because they want to get recognized. God forbid someone doesn't recognize them." - James Caan

"Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there." - Meryl Streep

"Nobody ever became an actor because they had a good childhood." - William H. Macy

"Even as far back as 14 when I started acting, I know I've never considered failure." - Jennifer Lawrence

"People say I make strange choices, but they're not strange for me. My sickness is that I'm fascinated by human behavior, by what's under the surface, by the worlds inside people." - Johnny Depp

"I didn't go out looking for negative characters; I went out looking for people who have a struggle and a fight to tackle. That's what interests me." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"I think that good actors can do any part. It doesn't mean they are the best ones to do it." - Richard Gere

"Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life." - Bette Davis

"I think all those actors from that generation, like Bogart - they were wonderful. They didn't act. They just came on and they did it and they were wonderful." - Anthony Hopkins

"To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem and to express it his dedication." - Marlon Brando

"I kept the same suit for six years and the same dialogue. They just changed the title of the picture and the leading lady." - Robert Mitchum

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